Congratulations! Post-Award

  • Disclosure of Financial Interest Education - MUST be completed before account is set up, once every five years. 
  • Review proposed budget vs. awarded budget for any changes or revisions
  • Review PADR (project account data record)
  • Annotated Examples:
    • PADR
    • Cost Share Information Sheet

Implementing Your Project

  • Development of communication and public relation plans (i.e. websites, announcements)
  • Workshops, conferences and symposia
  • Field activities

Monitoring Your Grant Account - use PPT?

  • PI_Reports - Sent out monthly from Sponsored Projects Accounting (SPA). Gives a list of all grant account expenses such as personnel, travel, and supplies.
    • See PPT slides
  • AG-GRANTS Reports - Sent out monthly from CAFE. Gives a one line snapshot of the direct cost balance.
  • BW PI Summary - Report furnished by some departments that shows budget line balances.
    • See PPT slides

Closing Your Project

  • 60 Day Notice - Sent by SPA. Notice to PI and department administrator to review expenses charged to the project 
  • 30 Day Notice - Reminder sent by SPA
  • Between 30 and 90 days after account ends - SPA will JV disallowed expenses or negative account balances onto departmental overrun accounts