To search for Graduate Faculty members, please use the Graduate Faculty Directory.

The Graduate School's Graduate Faculty Appointment Request Form may be submitted to the CAFE Research Office by e-mail to

The Research Office reviews the nomination, adds a support letter from the Associate Dean for Research, and forwards the packet to the Graduate School.  

How to submit a Graduate Faculty Appointment Request

  • Send an email to includes the following information:
    • Name of applicant
    • Last 3 digits of applicant's UK ID
    • Date of Initial Appointment
    • Type of Appointment
    • Graduate Program
  • Attached to the email should also be the following:
    • Cover Letter
    • CV
  • IF the applicant is an Assistant Professor looking for Full Membership, the request will require substantial justification based on qualifications to oversee graduate research rather than the need for student committee assignments.

Once received, the request will be reviewed by the Research Office and submitted to the Graduate School for final review.