New College of Ag Plaza

Diversity, beauty, seasonality of Kentucky’s agriculture inspired plaza’s design

Deciphering a Bacterial Shield

Worldwide, the cowpea aphid attacks more than 200 plants and 50 crops.

KY Cheese: Coming of Age

People have claimed the moon is made of it. Photographers ask their subjects to say it.

Celebration of Land-Grant Research

Celebration of Land-Grant keynote speaker Will Carpenter gives his perspective on the land-grant system.

Kentucky is Apple-icious

Tart and bright green, little Lodi tantalizes customers from the shelves of Haney’s Appledale Farm Market in Nancy.

The Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station (KAES) has been providing research results to farmers and residents for more than 130 years. With external grants and contracts now reaching over $31,000,000 a year, UK’s College of Agriculture researchers address problems of agribusiness, consumers, international trade, food processing, nutrition, community development, soil and water resources, and the environment with over 300 externally funded projects. The research continuum reaches from basic to applied science, with new fundamental knowledge as well as applied knowledge that has impacts on the lives of Kentuckians and people across the world.